DR Congo

The largest country in Sub-Saharan Africa, the DR Congo is endowed not just with exceptional natural resources but also with enduring conflicts, especially in the eastern region. The complex and interrelated origins of these conflicts, exacerbated by the recent COVID-19 and the climate crisis, are rooted in ethnic manipulation, leading to internal displacement, migration, armed and dissident activity, growing competition [...]


In Burundi, a variety of (biased) narratives of its recent history and atrocities continue to polarize the population. Apart from that, the country witnessed a surge in hatespeech following the controversial elections of 2015. Benevolencija's programmes therefore consist of monitoring and counteracting hatespeech, and coming to terms with the past. Ever since its independence in 1962, Burundi has [...]


Projects Education for Sustainable Peace in Rwanda Led by Aegis Trust, the ESPR project focuses on training teachers to deliver the cross-cutting Peace and Values education curriculum in Rwandan schools. The goal of the project is to strengthen Rwanda’s capacity to promote social cohesion, positive values, empathy, critical thinking and action in order to build a more [...]

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