The largest country in Sub-Saharan Africa, the DR Congo is endowed not just with exceptional natural resources but also with enduring conflicts, especially in the eastern region. The complex and interrelated origins of these conflicts, exacerbated by the recent COVID-19 and the climate crisis, are rooted in ethnic manipulation, leading to internal displacement, migration, armed and dissident activity, growing competition over land and natural resources, corruption,  and nor least, failed governance.

La Benevolencija has been present in the DR Congo since 2005, running different behaviour change media campaigns designed to contribute to inclusive state- and peace-building and stability by combating identity-based manipulation and scapegoating as well as hate and dangerous speech, facilitating inter- and intra-community dialogue and addressing trauma, mistrust and tension resulting from a conflictual past.

With a network of over 50 broadcasters and a well-established network of approximately 40 correspondents, media – especially radio – is at the heart of interventions in three provinces (Ituri, North & South Kivu) in Eastern DRC. RLB engages in the production and broadcast of fictional and factual media outputs, accompanied by transborder dialogues with Rwanda and Burundi. All activities aim at sensitising the general population and increase their knowledge and understanding to recognize and resist hate and dangerous speech, identity-based manipulation, and incitement.

La Benevolencija currently shares its communication expertise with international and national development agencies to facilitate better understanding of issues in general audiences as well as to enable political lobbying with decision makers on everyday themes that are the main challenges between authorities and citizens. The aim is to concretise security governance and effective rule of law implementation. We also work on access to land rights, peace dialogues, banditry, armed groups, demobilisation, kidnapping, trauma healing, positive masculinity and reinforced regional trade.

With offices in Goma and Bukavu, and correspondents covering all the territories in Eastern Dr Congo, we work in synergy with local partners, representative radio associations, INGOs, and other international actors to ensure the coherence of its programmes and foster collaboration.


Media for Dialogue

This cross-border media campaign in Eastern DRC (North and South Kivu), and the border regions of Rwanda and Burundi, focuses on forced and spontaneous migration in the region.

Through the Kumbuka Kesho radio drama, radio magazines and debates (Maoni Yako) and online communication outlets, the programme seeks to tackle the origins of identity group violence from a historic perspective, as well as from the actual issues of stability in the region. The program facilitates discussions with stakeholders, and advocates potential solutions.