Radio La Benevolencija Humanitarian Tools Foundation is a Dutch NGO that uses media to empower groups and individuals in vulnerable societies to recognise and resist hate speech and violence.

Through radio dramas, TV- and radio debates and online edutainment, combined with complementary grassroots activities, it stimulates active bystandership against incitement to violence.


Holocaust remembrance and the impact of the Israel-Hamas war – GREY: the podcast

Radio La Benevolencija HTF’s founder &  CEO George Weiss was recently a guest on the debut episode of “Grey,” hosted by Jordy Nijenhuis, along with La Benevolencija Sarajevo‘s director, Vladimir Andrle in which  both engage in a conversation on navigating our polarised world. We focus here on the part of the podcast were the discussion is specifically about Holocaust remembrance in relation to the current genocide case against Israel and the Israel-Hamas war.

Video games

We develop engaging and educational video games that address pressing social issues. Our games are designed to foster critical thinking, raise awareness and inspire positive behavior change among young adults.

In today’s digital age, video games are a powerful medium to reach and educate players. Our ambition is to use this medium to counter harmful narratives, promote inclusivity and encourage active bystandership.

Latest news

Stay updated with the latest news and activities from Radio La Benevolencija – Humanitarian Tools Foundation, including updates from our Media 4 Dialogue (M4D) project dedicated to combating the manipulation of identities in the Great Lakes region.

Fictional Media

Fictional media programmes seek to make audiences aware of causes of conflict, conflict prevention and reconciliation, through entertaining Romeo and Juliet stories.

Factual Media

Factual media outputs expose indicators of hate speech and manipulation by politicians, media or other influential individuals. They also create platforms for open discussions on these issues.

Grassroots / Outreach Activities

Grassroots / outreach activities reinforce the different media outputs by creating platforms for dialogue, debate and exchange about the themes and issues addressed and broadcast in the media.