Education for Sustainable Peace in Rwanda

Led by Aegis Trust, the ESPR project focuses on training teachers to deliver the cross-cutting Peace and Values education curriculum in Rwandan schools.

The goal of the project is to strengthen Rwanda’s capacity to promote social cohesion, positive values, empathy, critical thinking and action in order to build a more peaceful society. Benevolencija’s contribution to this project comprises the amplification of peace messages and the continuum of violence, through the production and broadcast of Musekeweya and the organisation of grasssroots activities.

Tujyane Project

This project seeks to support the reintegration process of ex-prisoners into society and to mitigate the negative impacts of intergenerational legacies of the 1994 genocide, including the transmission of trauma, violence and divisionism.

The project is jointly carried out with CBS Rwanda, a community-based organization that seeks to bring (descendants of) genocide survivors and perpetrators closer together through community-based sociotherapy. Radio La Benevolencija on the other hand aims to increase understanding among the general population of challenges and issues related to ex-prisoner reintegration and intergenerational trauma, by incorporating these themes into the storylines of its national radio drama Musekeweya.

Media for Dialogue

This cross-border media campaign in Eastern DRC (North and South Kivu), and the border regions of Rwanda and Burundi, focuses on forced and spontaneous migration in the region.

Through the Kumbuka Kesho radio drama, radio magazines and debates (Maoni Yako) and online communication outlets, the programme seeks to tackle the origins of identity group violence from a historic perspective, as well as from the actual issues of stability in the region. The program facilitates discussions with stakeholders, and advocates potential solutions.