Listening Clubs

Radio listening clubs are a central pillar of the work of Radio La Benevolencija. These clubs meet on a regular basis to analyze and discuss the information and messages of the radio drama.

Originally set up to give feedback on the content and storyline of the drama, so that the drama can be adapted accordingly, these groups have gradually transformed into active bystanders. They are trained in amongst others the continuum of violence, conflict resolution, trauma healing and reconciliation. They are encouraged to act as role models and active bystanders within and between their communities.

The group members engage in constructive inclusive dialogue and practice, conflict mediation, trauma support and the promotion of peaceful coexistence within and between different communities, and to advocate for sustainable solutions with their local authorities.

Evaluations in Rwanda of this grassroots work show impressive results of how theoretical messages,

if well explained and culturally correctly integrated at community level, can be used by illiterate people – the majority of the population in the Great Lakes region.

The evaluations attest to the tangible success of mixed survivor-perpetrator groups in acting for violence prevention, mediation and cohesion-building. The radio clubs provide to their surroundings a real example of role models as in the project soaps and so engender further reconciliation activities in the country. Our organization intends to strengthen its successful associations and set up further associations in sensitive areas, creating a sustainable network of peace activists continuously active in the country.