Radio magazines

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Maoni Yako

Maoni Yako (“Your Opinion” in Swahili) is a radio magazine targeting rural communities in North and South Kivu in Eastern DRC.

It deals with topical issues affecting the rural audiences, ranging from discussing the political and ethnic manipulation of young people and hate speech during the election period, to cohabitation between refugees, migrants and host populations. Find out more here.


Banza Wibaze

Banza Wibaze (“Think Twice” in Kirundi) is a 20-minute factual radio magazine that deconstructs themes and topics related to the political landscape in Burundi.

It addresses the issue of political and ethnic manipulation in understandable and politically acceptable ways. It is aired weekly on national radio and community radio stations.

Jeunes Leaders

“Jeunes Leaders” (“Young Leaders”) was broadcast on Radio Okapi, the MONUSCO-led radio station. It is a factual discussion programme addressing an urban youth (mainly in Kinshasa) in the DRC.

The magazine dealt with recognition of hate speech, scapegoating, manipulation by elites, and “us and them”-attitudes. It further initiated dialogue between young representatives of civil society and special guests (media figures, role models and local leaders) with the aim of preventing violence during the election process.