Holocaust remembrance and the impact of the Israel-Hamas war

In respect of the current war between Israel and Hamas, RLB elaborated its position in a podcast together with the Head of the Benevolencija Sarajevo, as well as in a letter to the Israeli President on the occasion of the opening of Amsterdam’s National Holocaust museum, on 10 March 2024.

GREY: the podcast

Radio La Benevolencija HTF’s founder &  CEO George Weiss was recently a guest on the debut episode of “Grey,” hosted by Jordy Nijenhuis, along with La Benevolencija Sarajevo‘s director, Vladimir Andrle in which  both engage in a conversation on navigating our polarised world. We focus here on the part of the podcast were the discussion is specifically about Holocaust remembrance in relation to the current genocide case against Israel and the Israel-Hamas war.

Listen to the episode in full here as Vladimir shares accounts of his organisation’s humanitarian efforts during the Yugoslav Wars, and his personal experience living in Sarajevo. George in his turn highlights his foundation’s innovative media initiatives aimed at fostering peace and countering incitement to hate. Both guests underscore the urgent need for critical thinking and counteracting polarization in today’s divided landscape. They challenge listeners to confront biases and their own emotional responses.