LIGHT Project

The LIGHT Project: shedding Light on Unconscious Bias and Invisible Racism Until the end of October 2025, RLB will be involved in the Erasmus+ project called LIGHT. This collaborative project brings together organisations from five European countries: France (LICRA), Greece (KMOP) , Italy (CSC Danilo Dolci), Poland (CWEP) and the Netherlands and is funded by the European Union under [...]


Go to the COMMIT website here COMMIT is a European Campaign with social media posts coming from 4 NGO’s in Austria, Italy, Greece and the Netherlands. It aims to prevent & dissuade vulnerable young people (13 – 35) from extremism, radicalism & terrorism. The project’s 3 social media campaigns seek to make their target audience aware of their own psychological [...]

Video Gaming

In the past couple of years, Europe has seen a major increase in radicalisation and violent extremism. This has lead to heated debates, an increased level of hate speech, extremist protests and even violent attacks and atrocities. Radio La Benevolencija's GAMER project seeks to counter such extremism through an online educational game. While the European Union has established [...]


Tajsa is a web-based collection of video/audio podcasts and educational resources - which can now be found on YouTube - about the causes and the consequences of the Genocide of the Roma during WWII, the Roma identity building and the self-empowerment of the Roma communities around Europe. This new-media series is produced in 12 countries around Europe as part [...]

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