Radio La Benevolencija received Human Rights Award

On 10 December 2018, Radio la Benevolencija received the Clara Meijer Wichmann Medal from the International Federation for Human Rights. It has been awarded this medal for its work in the Great Lakes Region of Africa and Europe aimed at increasing awareness of, and resilience against, incitement, hate speech and identity-based manipulation, and promoting dialogue, inclusiveness and active bystandership.

The medal was received by George Weiss, founder and CEO of the organization. In the context of this event, co-founder Anneke Van Hoek was interviewed by NPO Radio 1 about RLB’s work in the Great Lakes Region and its impact on people’s daily lives.

On this link you can listen to the interview made on the 10th of December Human Rights day, the interview can be heard from minute 17:40 onwards. 

'Love Radio' Musekeweya Exhibition: FOAM Gallery Amsterdam, 11 July - 7 September 2014

In the context of the twentieth anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, La Benevolencija's Rwandan radio soap, Musekeweya, is the subject of an exceptional trans-media exhibition, entitled Love Radio, by documentary photographer Anoek Steketee and journalist Eefje Blankevoort. This exhibition is being hosted by Amsterdam’s eminent FOAM gallery from the 11th of July to the 7th of September 2014.


'Roads to Justice 2014' Lecture Series: 2 April 2014, Humanity House, The Hague

The 'Roads to Justice 2014' event is a Lecture Series hosted by NIOD, in cooperation with Humanity House and Radio La Benevolencija, addressing transitional  justice issues through film, lectures and debate. Episode 3 of this series features a transmedia documentary - 'Love Radio' - on reconciliation in post-genocide Rwanda which is based on Benevolencija's radio soap, 'Musekeweya'.

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RFI reviews Benevolencija Rwandan radio soap 'Musekeweya': March 2014

Benevolencija's Rwandan radio soap - Musekeweya - received a favourable review in a weblog posted by RFI, a French public service radio station for people around the world.

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An ongoing transmedia documentary entitled 'Love Radio' by journalist and filmmaker Eefje Blankevoort and photographer Anoek Steketee  recounts the complex process of reconciliation following an armed conflict. It is based on Benevolencija's popular Rwandan radio soap opera -  Musekeweya (New Dawn) - and its role in furthering the cause of reconciliation and violence prevention.

'Words of Violence' Conference, Netherlands Institute of Human Rights, Utrecht University: 26 October 2013

Benevolencija CEO, George Weiss, was invited as one of the guest lectures to speak on the role of media in promoting freedom of expression. His lecture, entitled 'The other side of the coin: countering dangerous speech through the media', addressed the practical ways in which strategic media campaigns can counteract mediated hate speech.

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Sweden Donates U.S. $7 Million to Peace Education Programme in Rwanda

SIDA - the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency - has made available $ 7 million for the Rwandan Peace Education programme (RPEP) for a three-year period to a multi-partner consortium lead by Aegis Trust and including the Institute of Research and Dialogue for Peace (IRDP), USC Shoah Foundation and Radio La Benevolencija (RLB).

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RLB at the Annenberg-Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute: 24 June-5 July 2013

La Benevolencija was represented by George Weiss (CEO), as guest speaker, at the Media Policy Summer Institute jointly organised by Oxford University and the Annenberg School for Communication (University of Pennsylvania).  Mr. Weiss delivered a presentation on the use of media in building resilience to incitement in national populations, highlighting the importance of training the audiences rather than just the journalists.

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Expert Seminar on 'Preventing incitement to atrocity crimes: policy options for action' - 28 February 2013

This seminar was organised by the United Nations Office on Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect and hosted at the UN Headquarters in Geneva. As the focus of the seminar was on how to prevent incitement in situations where there is an imminent risk of large scale violence, Radio La Benevolencija, represented by George Weiss, was invited to participate because of its methodology of using positive messages of reconciliation among ethnic groups and communities affected by conflicts.

Panel Discussion on “Hate Speech and Incitement to Genocide”: 1-5 February 2013

RLB Director, George Weiss,  was invited by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) to participate in two panels on hate speech and incitement to genocide – the first in New York on the 1st of February 2013 at the UN, and the second in Washington DC at the USHMM on the 5th of February [...]

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19 September 2012, Dutch Radio NTR interview George Weiss

La Benevolencija’s Director George Weiss was interviewed by Dutch Radio, NTR, on September 19th, 2012. The interview touched on such topics as Mr. Weiss’ background and of course the history, motivation and work of Radio La Benevolencija. The interview is in Dutch, for those interested, please follow the link to listen to the interview: Interview Mr. [...]

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La Benevolencija’s Documentary on Prince Louis Rwagasore

In 2012 Burundi celebrates its 50 years of independence. Prince Louis Rwagasore, son of King Mwambutsa IV Bangiricenge, was an emblematic figure of the anti colonial struggle and  is directly linked to this independence. Radio La Benevolencija Burundi has finalized its documentary about Prince Louis Rwagasore, which was screened in Bujumbura as part of the [...]

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