La Benevolencija in Burundi, Coming to terms with the past

La Benevolencija’s activities in Burundi focus on “coming to terms with the past”. A successful reconciliation process in Burundi can also have a benign effect on Congo and Rwanda, while a failure to complete the reconciliation process may lead to strengthening extremist militias operating in the region, in Burundi as well as Rwanda and Congo.

The goals of La Benevolencija in Burundi for the period 2011-2013 are centered on three thematic issues:

a) To make people reflect upon the different versions of Burundian history by understanding the origins of the conflict, and to develop a shared history of what happened.

Burundi has never had the opportunity to discuss its own past in a peaceful setting. The existing conflicts occupied peoples mind. A balanced reflection did not take place, not at academic level, nor at a popular level. Five full years after the installation